May 24, 2010

Driving Effective Transfer & Retention of Knowledge Transfer – Mira Renko - Blake Dawson Waldron

A lot of ground was covered in this presentation at ARK's Sydney KM Conference today - I would really recommend attending this type of conference put on by the ARK folks.

In essence it was a really back to basics KM foundation & utilise Confluence Wiki technology (very affordable) :

  • Focus on practical solutions to help people work together & capture value knowledge & expertise along the way – without reinventing the wheel
  • Leveraging existing collaboration & social networks that exist inside the firm – generally occurs naturally when lawyers are doing their job
  • Focus on naturally occurring collaboration as a lot of the documented material already captured in systems already

A key advantage of their Wiki : its Search functionality & friendliness

  • Great search capacity cf Document Management System's  
  • Why - because it is a Google search style  vs DMS search where you have to select which database etc which is more Advanced structured search 

A key change in the way young lawyers learn today compared with the old  Master Apprentice interactions of the past

  • not able to see many of the interactions of today as so much occurs by email & not face to face

So face to face training bootcamps are vital for young lawyers professional learning & development

  • Who are the experts
  • What is the key knowledge needed to provide an excellent client service
  • What are existing practices
  • What is the knowledge / info that org needs to access quickly & effectively
  • What is the Business case & cost to business

Lessons Learned

  • one size doesn’t fit all
  • dealing with barriers to buy in


A lot of the above would be universal to many organizations outside the legal world


And echoing a strong theme throughout the day ....


"Technology does not automatically improve conversation  communication or behaviour automatically"

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