May 24, 2010

Damien Lumby of UBS has been at the coalface of GFC era

Sydney's ARK Knowledge Transfer & Retention conference kicked off with Damien Lumby speaking on Developing Networks to Sustain Relationships & Improve Knowledge Retention - especially in a GFC world of outsourcing & operations being relocated internationally.

Key points I picked up from Damien :

The reality of

  •  Being heavily hit by GFC – lot of people left & leaving the organization – 2 weeks notice
  • Challenges of moving from permanent employees to shorter term contract employees - who value knowledge management differently
  • Can you find your info & quickly remains a key focus no matter the makeup of your workforce
  • “It would be impossible to manage our support (partners) information without healthy networks/relationships  
  • If we made our support partners feel they were just wanted for their info they wouldn’t contribute them as much – need to have them realise they we enjoy their involvement (& valued it …)
  • Started opening KM Tools Knowledge Base to other IT folks who had not been part of project – they were keen to participate & started sharing heaps more info with KM project
  •  As KM Team worked on projects with not just a KM focus –so they encountered other folks – people not normally encountered – extended the network and increased content & value of knowledge base
  • “Hiding info is not a path to mutual success – we give as much access as possible in our networks”
  • “Ownership & governance of KM should always stay with Operational Management” – ensures alignment 
  • Don’t ignore the quiet ones – they may be big users of your knowledge base eg Sharepoint etc etc – they may be quietly beavering away & have lots to share – enthusiasm is important
  • “I like Sharepoint I loathe Sharepoint" - it's a great tool for many things but not everything
  • Use Sharepoint as an index and hyperlinks to document management system
  •  “Maintaining an enthusiasm for KM is only possible when you give content ownership back to front end users”


My notes wouldn't do justice to Damien's presentation which I found very powerful for its reality check - of living in a GFC world where knowledge capture & retention were still desired - but with the changing staff demographics posing a quantum change in difficulty.


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