Jun 16, 2010

So enjoying reading Boston E2.0 2010 blog posts by Mary Abraham

This is the week of the annual international Web 2.0 Knowledge Management conference held each year in Boston – always really huge in scale.

They call it Enterprise 2.0, and what that means is basically Web 2.0 or Intranet 2.0 for corporations - ie Behind the Security Firewall

-          (nb.  Another similar conference was held in Milan a week or so back : former CSC IT geek Laurence Lock Lee is usually one of the featured keynote speakers at this annual event in Milan)

 This year a Dutch Knowledge Management guru from Oce, Samuel Driessen, had a complimentary ticket to attend the Boston event, but couldn’t make it (maybe something to do with the fact that he’s been on holidays in Greece !)

 So Samuel generously donated his ticket to Mary Abraham, a USA based Knowledge Management consultant, a very practical lady who specialises in Knowledge Management in the Legal arena for Lawyers.

 As a thank you, Mary is sharing her notes from the conference – links to these are listed below.

 Perhaps some of us will never be able to attend conferences like these – however through Mary’s notes we can get snapshots of what is being shared and debated in Boston.

It is this international generosity of spirit in the international Knowledge Management and Enterprise 2.0 world that I love so much.

So the generosity of these two icons of the Knowledge Management & Enterprise 2.0 world allows to review the conference activities for their relevance to our own organizations - wrt trends for the medium-longer term, if not in the short term due to the GFC etc.


Mary Abraham’s Workshop Notes from Enterprise 2.0 Boston 2010:

·         There may be later posts on the conference which may be found here at Mary Abraham's blog Above and Beyond KM

I recall reading some great posts on Boston E2.0 2009 by Bill Ives - so I'm also looking forward to his 2010 posts - a few already up :

Some other links to Boston E2.0 2010 info :

 ps : tips to finding Enterprise 2.0 Boston 2010  powerpoint presentations on Slideshare : Tip 1 & Tip 2  



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