May 24, 2010

Don’t be technology led – KM must be user led – don’t underestimate the culture

Jenny Owen of Telstra Legal speaking at the Sydney ARK KM conference emphasised :

"Don’t necessarily be technology led in KM – should consider the alternative view as well - that organizations' KM systems be user led – don’t underestimate the Culture - although you do need to make sure folks are aware of KM tools – but you should not be necessarily just technology driven in KM"

Vital to  minimise reinvention of wheel  & loss of key IP - but - will you always know what info will be useful in future

Understand who is your audience- the needs of the “bigger team” & “smaller teams” – and needs of individual

Encourage sharing – explicit/tacit : culture of trust, openness – looking for opportunities to improve – need a culture of being allowed to say this didn’t go so well – yes there were a few issues  …– rather than being blamed for what went wrong

Does some knowledge need to be quarantined for legal reasons ?

KM system doesn’t have to be the biggest whiz bang thing – eg focus on assisting with locating the legal contracts – not necessarily storing all the legal contracts in the one place – even an INDEX can help findability

Interesting observations indeed - considering the time being estimated that people spend each year in trying to locate key organizational knowledge


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