Oct 31, 2009

Posting to Posterous Blogs via Google Wave

amazing what you can do with Posterous via Googlewave's app bots http://ow.ly/xRWt

Great explanation at Posterous

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Oct 12, 2009

Twitter_Tips: What is Twitter good for? How about serving a community? http://cli.gs/sg3EqY --Share this article: http://bit.ly/12U21q via @DivineLove

Check out this website I found at twitter.com

I like the idea of Tweeting to make a community stronger - resonates with the whole concept of social capital - so good to read of Tim O’Reilly's unofficial mantra of ‘Creating more value than you capture’

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Oct 10, 2009

refollow - Twitter App

Came across a Tweet back in July about Twitter Apps which were the most underhyped -http://blog.mrtweet.net/hidden-gems-which-twitter-app-is-the-most-underhyped

Faved, RSS'd to GoogleReader & tagged it and then refound it during a cull of my GoogleReader 3 months later - I nearly deleted it thinking it was an automatic follow bot - but then I had a closer look ...

Found that I really liked this "refollow" Twitter App -http://refollow.com/ of the three covered in the post

You can filter according to different criteria - and it has a nice visual appearance of followers or those you're following - you set the filters

- and you can tag them eg expert, funny, quotes etc etc - so Barack Obama is considered Smart, Expert & Useful - I experimented with tagging @kcarruthers as Expert, Smart & Funny

- hovering the mouse over a Tweep's avatar pic brings up bio details/web page plus their last tweet

Can reply, RT or DM to their tweets - can't fav tweets but can click through to a Tweep's Twitter profile page & fav it there

I'm not sure how easy it would be to use this with 1000's of followers - although the site's filters would help

It really seems to be a Twitter App I've been looking for - even though I hadn't spec'd out my requirements

eg - catching up after being offline for a week or so - especially for those Tweeps not RSS'd into my GoogleReader.

There are so many hyped up Apps - however I could really get to like this Twitter App

Oct 1, 2009

Mashups Knowledge Sharing and ICT Fishermen

Google Maps are great apps - particularly when you can do mashups.

But not all mashups are digitally generated ...

The Significant Other - an IT geek aka PMO Manager was doing some knowledge sharing with other IT geeks ahead of the NSW Labour Day long weekend  .... a new bigger fishing boat recently obtained .. time to try out in NSW Shoalhaven ...

Google provided the maps ....

however for successful fishing it needs more ...

The Significant Other had done numerous fishing trips in the NSW Shoalhaven with work colleagues ... they'd shared tips, techniques of where to fish for what and how to do it ... there was the time he'd returned with a Trevally so enormous it would only fit into our oven diagonally and slightly flipped at the end ... we ate off that fish for a week .. other times the main fishing enthusiasts would toddle off to the local RSL on the Friday night and get the latest tips from those in the know ... of what was biting where  ...
So now the Significant Other had a bit of a think of where he'd been shown to fish by his fishing guru's for which fish ... then manually annotated a print out of the Google Map to show his work mate where to fish for those Fish species at what time of day .. etc etc
Maybe someday it will be digitised  .. ?
Knowledge sharing is not just the IT technology ...  it's what sits in folks' heads and what they are willing to share ... and may be the Significant Other's Fishing Tinny (Boat) might even get a dusting off and into the water once more ....

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