May 19, 2011

ASQ WCQI11 World Conference on Quality Improvement 2011 Day 3 May 18 2011

Thoughts shared from Day 3 #WCQI11 :

  • Updating ISO 19011 on Auditing
  • Engaging your employees & team in quality
  • Understanding the Why's of Human Errors - impacts on Procedures / IT Hardware
  • Change
  • Supply Chain Management processes

ASQ 7:00am via HootSuite

Missing #WCQI11? What was your favorite#WCQI11 experience? What did you learn that you will take back?

ASQ6:46am via HootSuite

RT @thebigqbyjuran: At the BIG Q BLOG, video recap of keynote speakers from this year's @ASQ #WCQI11

ASQ2:45am via HootSuite

Great blog--glad you enjoyed #WCQI11! RT @dlbrecken#WCQI11 Love the conference. Check out my blog at

psuahr1:43am via TweetCaster

You'll never accomplish it as a team unless you engage your team. #WCQI11 Don't give up on your dreams but take your employees with you.

psuahr1:41am via TweetCaster

Managers - how pitiful we must feel about ourselves if we have to step on the people who work for us to feel good about ourselves.#WCQI11

QualityBob1:33am via Twitter for iPhone

#WCQI11 Bryant echoes what I've said for years... Apply Lean first then Six Sigma. Lean gets rid of junk; 6s improves what's left

psuahr1:33am via TweetCaster

Apply lean first then six sigma to achieve significant gains #WCQI11

ASQ_FW14161:25am via Mobile Web

Bryant: Don't give up - you have to crawl before you walk or run #WCQI11 #ASQ

psuahr1:25am via TweetCaster

Don't give up before you cross the finish line.#WCQI11

RT @psuahr: More teams! Lots of noise... Raise the voice of Quality! #WCQI11

ASQ_John1:23am via TweetCaster

RT @psuahr: If it doesn't mean anything to you they're going to see right through it. #WCQI11

psuahr1:23am via TweetCaster

Send the employee an e-mail and copy their management to praise them - build their self esteem - engage them. #WCQI11

ASQ_FW14161:13am via Mobile Web

Bryant: Overcoming resistance to change - work with the ones who will work with you.#WCQI11 #ASQ

psuahr1:11am via Mobile Web

RT @ASQ_FW1416: Bryant: build passion...set std, partner w clients, listen...want engaged clients #WCQI11 #ASQ

psuahr1:11am via TweetCaster

The first step towards change is the hardest.#WCQI11

psuahr1:08am via TweetCaster

How do you build passion - set the standard for others to follow #WCQI11

psuahr1:07am via TweetCaster

Find the things that are going well and replicate them. #WCQI11

ASQ_FW14161:06am via Mobile Web

Bryant: "You only hear one complaint out of 10"#WCQI11 #ASQ

ASQ_FW14161:04am via Mobile Web

Bryant: "Many times we reach success at the expense of our employees" #WCQI11 #ASQ

psuahr1:04am via TweetCaster

Improving employee/client engagement will yield $B #WCQI11

ASQBuffalo1:04am via Twitter for iPad

Give employees tools & equipment they need good work happens. #WCQI11

psuahr1:03am via TweetCaster

If you put your employees first, the employees will take care of the clients. #WCQI11

psuahr1:02am via TweetCaster

If we truly engage your employees, you're going to see it in the output. #WCQI11

QualityBob1:02am via Twitter for iPhone

Ron Bryant #WCQI11 - Hard times do not dictate the outcome - you do.#employee_engagement

ASQBuffalo1:02am via Twitter for iPad

Empoyee engagement increases output...duh#WCQI11

ASQBuffalo12:59am via TweetCaster

RT @psuahr: More teams! Lots of noise... Raise the voice of Quality! #WCQI11

psuahr12:58am via TweetCaster

Applying engagement to your quality programs#WCQI11

ASQ_FW141612:44am via Mobile Web

@complexified Top 3 takeaways-Single Point Lessons, Dealing with Resistance, Standard Work 4 Leaders #WCQI11 #ASQ

ASQ12:35am via HootSuite

New video--highlights from #WCQI11 keynote speakers--Barbara Corcoran, J.J. Irani, Bennie Fowler and Brian Joiner:

ASQ12:24am via HootSuite

@ASQ Influential Voice @dblevy0925 is covering #WCQI11 on his blog, David on Quality. Great read!

psuahr12:12am via TweetCaster

Must have robust requirements when safety is critical. #WCQI11

qadvocate12:11am via Mobile Web

Unknown - will #ASQ revise CQA to address expected new auditor competence section in ISO19011? #WCQI11

qadvocate12:09am via Mobile Web

Johnson: ISO19011 is intended as a general guideline to audit mgmt systems, not for certification (ISO 17021 applies) #WCQI11#ASQ

psuahr12:03am via TweetCaster

Http:// supply chain management handbook - it's free! #WCQI11

psuahrMay 18, 11:57pm via TweetCaster

Don't leave it up to the auditor to define your processes. #WCQI11

qadvocateMay 18, 11:57pm via Mobile Web

Johnson: Clause 5 will have significant changes due to expansion to cover other mgmt systems. #WCQI11 #ASQ

qadvocateMay 18, 11:39pm via Mobile Web

In final session at #WCQI11 - W19 on ISO19011 audit standard update #ASQ

qadvocateMay 18, 11:35pm via Mobile Web

@complexified most meaningful idea rcvd at#WCQI11 -Read's SCARF model for dealing w resistance. I'll apply in interactions w sr mgmt#ASQ

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 11:31pm via HootSuite

RT @ASQ: Cool! Great idea. @SteelyQueen I am curating conf tweets into my Sharepoint blog to share with my org in Australia #WCQI11thks guys

ASQMay 18, 11:22pm via HootSuite

@ASQBuffalo Thanks for live tweeting#WCQI11! Looking forward to your blog post.

Use the knowledge of human error causal factors to avoid failures at the handoff stage#WCQI11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:50pm via Twitter for iPad

Faulty procedures are created by human error#WCQI11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:47pm via Twitter for iPad

Errors in hardware almost always human error in the management of the hardware designers of processes #WCQI11

dblevy0925May 18, 10:46pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Ben Marguglio delivers presentation on Human Error Causal Factors with passion and gusto #asq #wcqi11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:45pm via Twitter for iPad

When do don't conceive of the need that is cognitive based human error #WCQI11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:31pm via Twitter for iPad

Ben marguglio is amazing in #WCQI11 @ASQhuman error causal factors session!

5SsupplyMay 18, 10:24pm via Twitter for iPhone

Humana uses lunch & learn, social media and distance learning/technology to get employees engaged in #lean #ASQ #WCQI11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:20pm via Twitter for iPad

Value Baedeker error based on behavior when the individual does not accept the requirement expecation or need #WCQI11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:18pm via Twitter for iPad

Cognition- base error absent the ability to process the knowledge (memorize, understand, apply, analyze, synthesize, or evaluate) #WCQI11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:17pm via Twitter for iPad

Knowledge based error is error base on behavior absent the reciept of the knowledge of the requirement,expectation or need #WCQI11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:15pm via Twitter for iPad

Human error causal factor taxonomies. Rule-based. Knowledge-based. Skill-based#WCQI11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:12pm via Twitter for iPad

Human error is NOT malicious compliance, malicious behavior, good decision with bad outcomes #WCQI11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:11pm via Twitter for iPad

Human error is behavior that is expected to create a result and does not #WCQI11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:11pm via Twitter for iPad

Understand errors that occur in the human creation of plans #WCQI11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:09pm via Twitter for iPad

What is human error? 7 universally applicable human error causal factors coming soon.#WCQI11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:07pm via Twitter for iPad

Coaching is to reinforce good practices#WCQI11

ASQBuffaloMay 18, 10:06pm via Twitter for iPad

Can't eliminate human hazards we must develop barriers to mitigate + ameliorate it.#WCQI11


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