May 18, 2011

ASQ WCQI11 World Conference on Quality Improvement Day 2 May 17 2011

Filtering : What I learned from the Thoughts shared from Day 2 #WCQI11 May 17 2011 :
  • Supply Chain issues
  • Leadership & Teamwork in Quality
  • Problem Solving - Visual - Dashboards - 5S
  • Change Management & Improvement : Change or Perish - Move on from Bad Situations
  • Complexity - Black Swans
  • Business Excellence
  • Tata's Irani shares Management Principles from Ghenghis Khan to Today - on Baldridge Model for Business Excellence
  • Processes & Accountability
  • What's the focus ? Problems vs Solutions
  • ASQ Global Influential Voices for Quality Program
  • Ethics - Corporate Responsibility - Accountability
  • TQC classics - involve everyone - small step improvements - involve everyone

dlbrecken12:28pm via Twitter for iPhone

#WCQI11 Love the conference. Check out my blog at

ASQ10:00am via HootSuite

Be sure to see #WCQI11 recap site for all the day's videos and photos: share your own photos on @ASQ's Facebook!

9:15am via HootSuite

Highlights from #WCQI11 keynote speakers: J.J. Irani, Brian Joiner, and Bennie Fowler.

ASQ7:00am via HootSuite

@cesardiazguevar's video interview w/Ron Atkinson, past ASQ president, speaking w/students from Mexico: #WCQI11

qadvocate6:32am via Mobile Web

Notari: T38 Showing example where supplier rated self lower than customer did #ASQ#WCQI11

qadvocate6:24am via Mobile Web

Notari: T38 Have supplier self-assess performance and identify gaps in perception#ASQ #WCQI11

qadvocate6:20am via Mobile Web

Notari: T38 Need to understand the supplier's business to eFfectively determine criteria & measure performance #ASQ #WCQI11

qadvocate6:17am via Mobile Web

Notari: T38 - are key suppliers true partners? Is there consensus with them on supplier measurement #ASQ #WCQI11

qadvocate6:06am via Mobile Web

Fairness<>equality -it's feeling of balance RT @complexified SCARF model for threats;#WCQI11 status certainty autonomy relatedness fairness

ASQ6:00am via HootSuite

Need a break from #WCQI11 happenings? Enjoy this read on role of leadership in education quality--ASQ blogger Dr. Burney:

5Ssupply5:30am via Twitter for iPhone

1. Identify need 2. Select tool 3. Create standard 4. Incorporate into Leader Standard Work. Chris Hayes session T23 #ASQ#WCQI11

psuahr5:23am via HTC Peep

Start with the title or theme - what do we want to accomplish? What is the need? Need to talk about the problem not the solution. #WCQI11

dblevy09255:15am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Pay attention to the red stuff. Celebrate the green stuff and hold the gains. #asq #wcqi11

dblevy09255:14am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Do it by hand, pencil and paper, markers and highlighters. No computers to start. C Hayes#asq #wcqi11

5Ssupply5:13am via Twitter for iPhone

Visual controls are the driving force for Leader Standard Work. Chris Hayes session T23#ASQ #WCQI11

dblevy09255:12am via Twitter for iPhone

RT @5Ssupply: Set the standard and then make it visual. Chris Hayes session T23 at#ASQ #WCQI11

dblevy09255:10am via HTC Peep

RT @psuahr: RT @5Ssupply Chris Hayes Utah MEP session T23 - Visual Control Boards. How to sustain? It's not about the#lean tools. #WCQI11

psuahr5:08am via HTC Peep

Need to engage the right people to figure out what the real problem is. #WCQI11

psuahr5:07am via HTC Peep

Why do peopla resist so much when we implement change. #WCQI11

ASQ_Nicole5:05am via HootSuite

Interesting insight from someone at the conference: RT @ASQ: New blog post from#WCQI11 #ASQ

ASQ_Fay4:44am via web

Check out homepage for video highlights of conference keynote speakers#wcqi11. Ford's Bennie Fowler, and author Brian Joiner

complexified4:29am via Twitterrific

We choose to value some things. We can change RT @ASQBuffalo Scarcity creates availability ignites frenzy..#WCQI11 Corcoran

qadvocate4:25am via Twitter for iPhone

RT @5Ssupply: You have to move on if something bad happens. Don't dwell on it. Barbara Corcoran keynote #ASQ #WCQI11

ASQ4:21am via HootSuite

Video--#WCQI11 keynote highlights! See Bennie Fowler of @Ford and Brian Joiner of @SustainDane

ASQBuffalo4:11am via Twitter for iPad

Barbara Corcoran reminds us to stay ethical & aligned to your values. once u speak ur truth it empowers others to. #WCQI11

ASQBuffalo4:01am via Twitter for iPad

Take action & do something small wins lead to increased success. #WCQI11

ASQBuffalo3:43am via Twitter for iPad

Recognition is more powerful than money. Pay ppl enough to where $$ is nota issue#WCQI11

dblevy09253:43am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Don't underestimate the power of recognition.#asq #wcqi11

ASQBuffalo3:42am via Twitter for iPad

Scarcity creates value...focus on quality & limited availability ignites psychological frenzy of purchasing #WCQI11 Corcoran

ASQ_FW14163:42am via Mobile Web

Corcoran: All the good ideas are on the outside (not at a desk) #ASQ #WCQI11

dblevy09253:53am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Only 2 kinds of people - expanders and containers - Corcoran #asq #wcqi11


ASQ_FW14163:56am via Mobile Web

Corcoran: need both types to build a successful business #ASQ #WCQI11

ASQBuffalo3:53am via Twitter for iPad

Barbara Corcoran reminds us that you are the benchmark, NOT the competition. #WCQI11

ASQ_FW14163:49am via Mobile Web

Corcoran: Fun is good for business #ASQ#WCQI11

ASQBuffalo3:47am via Twitter for iPad

Allow people to do great work. Op want to do their best recognize & create systems 4 success - Corcoran #WCQI11

5Ssupply3:31am via Twitter for iPhone

Barbara Corcoran keynote - lessons learned - perception creates reality #WCQI11

ASQBuffalo3:18am via Twitter for iPad

Inspire to do better job & continuous improvement -Barbara Corcoran #WCQI11

ASQ2:40am via HootSuite

@ASQ Influential Voices blogger @dblevy0925shares his #WCQI11 survival tips (wear comfortable shoes!):

ASQBuffalo1:08am via Twitter for iPad

#lean management system STD work 4 leaders. Visual controls. Accountability. Discipline. #WCQI11

ExcellenceCan1:08am via ÜberSocial

Enjoying the #WCQI11. Seeing how the role of Quality Manager will transition to one of Innovation Manager.

ASQBuffalo12:58am via Twitter for iPad

Problems do not equal & changed behavior equal solutions #WCQI11

ASQBuffalo12:57am via Twitter for iPad

Accountability what the hell does that mean to quality? #WCQI11

ASQBuffalo12:56am via Twitter for iPad

Focus on processes the processes will yield results. #WCQI11

ASQ12:49am via HootSuite

More from Irani: 2 questions for @TataCompanies employees: What does business excellence mean to you? What are you doing about it?" #WCQI11

complexified12:49am via Twitterrific

@ASQ thanks for the RT. We need everybody up, moving, connecting, learning together.#WCQI11

ASQ12:32am via HootSuite

@steelyqueen Thanks for reading and following along! #WCQI11

ASQ_chrismoyMay 17, 11:47pm via web

New blog post from #WCQI11: World Conference on Quality & Improvement#WCQI11 #ASQ -

ASQ_FayMay 17, 11:46pm via HootSuite

RT @ASQ: New blog post from #WCQI11: RT @jstepnio: Good Times...World Conference on Quality & Improvement #WCQI11 #ASQ -

ASQBuffaloMay 17, 11:32pm via Twitter for iPad

When we have a plan &ppl follow plan + ppl knew what to do #teamwork happens#WCQI11

ASQMay 17, 11:31pm via HootSuite

ASQ Influential Voices blogger @cesardiazguevar reflects on the meaning of the Global Voice of Quality at #WCQI11:

SteelyQueenMay 17, 11:18pm via HootSuite

thanks to all tweeting at @asq #wcqi11conference-enjoying your comments - fr an @asq Global Influential Voice here in Down Under Australia

ASQ11:04pm via HootSuite

RT @asqbuffalo: Jj irani of tata sharing quality & best practices @ASQ #wcqi11

ASQBuffalo10:52pm via Twitter for iPad

Jj irani- leadership practices r instituted as leaders change the processes + values remain #WCQI11

ASQBuffalo10:50pm via Twitter for iPad

How does leadership when leader changes?#WCQI11

5Ssupply10:31pm via Twitter for iPhone

The start of the business excellence journey at Tata the 'golden Q'. What does it signify and what does it mean to you? #WCQI11


5Ssupply10:25pm via Twitter for iPhone

JJ Irani Tuesday morning keynote at #ASQ #WCQI11 Tata uses Baldrige model for business excellence

Tata create customer driven organization, change & measurement #WCQI11


5Ssupply10:19pm via Twitter for iPhone

Dr JJ Irani "Change or perish" #WCQI11

ASQBuffalo10:18pm via Twitter for iPad

Irani, sharing insights on nano #WCQI11

ASQBuffalo10:06pm via Twitter for iPad

Irani sharing management principles from ghangis khan to modern time #WCQI11

5Ssupply10:06pm via Twitter for iPhone

Dr JJ Irani keynote from Tata Group India makers of the Jaguar and Nano #WCQI11

LeanSigmaCoach10:05pm via HootSuite

Tuesday at #WCQI11 in Pittsburgh. Keynote J.J. Irani of Tata Sons ready to begin. Looking fwd to another great day w/ quality professionals!



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