May 16, 2009

Project Management - Learning via Web2.0 in a GFC World

In the 2009 GFC era where external training & conferences are just off the agenda, many of us have to find other ways to learn.

Blogs and their self promoting headline act, Twitter, provide an alternative approach to staying up to date. Even YouTube is getting quite a mention with its burgeoning E-Learning video's - although the quality is not always Oscar level!

Good Project Management related powerpoints can be found on Slideshare : I really like Craig W Brown's 11 Week Program - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Also see KerrieAnne's UOW KM & KS in PM lecture slides .

There are a number of PM blogs out there eg PMThink! (this blog also lists heaps of others), Herding Cats, Leading Virtually, Effective Software Development, Journyx Project Management, Fear No Project & Project Management Tips. You can subscribe to blogs via RSS feeds and then read in a news reader in Outlook or also applications like GoogleReader.

Project Management Tips is a really good PM related blog. It has a huge number of tips that are actually quite on the mark so far as project management goes. I find entering the PM Tips blog site, a little like the kid in the Chocolate Shop to be honest. So many good things - which to choose ?

One approach is to follow Project Management Tips on Twitter - where the blog's headlines are "tweeted" by @PMTips, with links back to its PM related blog posts. Other PM Tweeters include @gsanchezs, @pmskills, @thepmtweet, @GanttGuru, @ProjectSmart & @meolesen. You can follow Tweeters with good content via RSS feeds and then read in a news reader in Outlook, or also applications like GoogleReader. Makes it a lot easier to get through them quicker.

Project Management Tips also focus on Communication & Learning in Projects and so there is a big focus on Knowledge Management tools.

Some of my favourite posts (admittedly a long list) from this blog include ..

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