Apr 25, 2009

Anzac Cove - Gallipoli - Gelibolu - Cannakale - Turkey

I never imagined that I would ever visit Gallipoli aka Gelibolu - which led to the modern pysche of both Australia and Turkey. In Turkey the ANZAC conflict is known as the Cannakkale War and their successful defence, led by Mustafa Kemala (Ataturk), against Churchill's Allied Invasion, continues to be important to their nation, as much as the ANZAC legend is to Australia & New Zealand. When we visited ANZAC Cove it was a very quiet, spiritual place - of simple rather than grand memorials, and only 6 of us there. We appreciated the Kiwi sacrifice at Chanuk Bai and the UK's at Suvla. Our Turkish Guide, Ali, also provided the Turkish perspective. Accompanied by family, I found it amazing that the beach, of which we Australians hear from childhood, was so tiny. In the past a place of conflict - and now so peaceful - a place of reflection.


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