Nov 12, 2008

War and Remembrance Web 2.0 Adaptability

I’d been to Gallipoli a couple of years ago and still wonder at how much horror in such a small peaceful beach. Then, recently I found myself reading an eclectic collection of books on World War 1, that I had borrowed for my daughter, sick in bed, with a high school assignment due. As an avowed pacificist, such material was way of character for me, but I saw the War, (eg Fromelles, Gallipoli) & technology, the focus of the assignment, quite differently, with techno-adaptability, knowledge, communications & resources so crucial. (To be honest my efforts to get through other military tomes such as Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” have monumentally failed to date.)

Coincidentally, 2 weeks later, I listened at ACTKM 2008 as David Snowden spoke of Web 2.0 used in Middle Eastern conflict frontlines by the US military - to get accurate, current information to the strategists – chillingly really but nonetheless very dynamic KM. And how the newly elected US President Barack Obama’s campaign team exploited Web 2.0 communications – despite criticism now he’s taking a brief rest after the campaign. Honestly, even in a local council election campaign, & I’ve done 4, the pace is exhausting ... you need chill out time afterwards ..

It seems with history that change is inevitable. But then the same lessons need to be learned again.... Adaptability needed. Likewise, smarter tools really can’t be ignored, or banned by traditional IT management. Web 2.0, in all of its forms is here. People will find ways to use them officially, or otherwise, even outside the organization. To get the benefits – realistic governance is needed to direct, guide, help & enable users.....


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