Nov 15, 2008

Global Warming Rally - An Accidental Walk into WWW.WalkAgainstWarming.ORG Climate Change

We'd planned a day in the city months ago to see a matinee theatre performance - then the 14 yr old had begged to visit the Japan National Foundation centre at Chifley Square (off Martin Place) in Sydney's CBD, to see Oz students' Japanese performances. Theatre-goers, we'd seen the Wharf Theatre Revue's "Waiting for Garnaut", with its strong satirical messages on climate change. So we weren't surprised to see people carrying climate change & global warming banners, T-shirts with slogans on the train to Martin Place.

The JNF was closed, and instead we found ourselves in the middle of thousands of people at Martin Place in the Sydney protest rally on climate change - see Katrina's pic - one of a number around OZ. It happened again ... 2 years ago, in Athens, we had walked out into teachers protests on our hotel doorstep as we were checking out. Actually, the number of rooftop solar panels, glinting away in Athens's sunshine was astonishing! And the realities of the Australian government response on climate change ? Still "Waiting for Garnaut" ? Not necessarily ... despite the activists' claims ?

Sasha Hunter, a HSC student exhorted rally attendees to .. "Embrace the opportunity to solve the Global Warming Problems," & like Ghandi said "You must be the change you want to see in the world" - part of his philosophy of personal transformation.

There are different ways to create solutions & our global survival requires respecting those different paths, sharing & accepting key knowledge - just as Andrew Campbell had at ACTKM 2008, & also some UOW 1st Year Engineering students, not only completing the mandatory creative design project, but going further, entering the Engineers Without Borders 2008 Cambodian Challenge or US President-Elect Obama's commitment for 2020. Perhaps being inspired by Nelson Mandela, just as he created synergies in building bridges between opponents.. "Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that generation”.

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