Apr 3, 2013

Trialing with Feedly vs Google Reader - Issues with Tags-Search Your Own Feed-Email

So far I am working with Feedly as my Google Reader subsitute.
It doesn't take Tags across from Googlereader as yet - possibly may in future - so there is a manual cut and paste approach which I've started doing - also taking the opportunity to rationalise some of these tags along the way.
I am still waiting for my feeds to go across to The Old Reader - think they've been swamped.
Also I discovered this morning that it seems that you can no longer search your own items on Feedly - ie "But Feedly says it current search-your-own-feeds service didn’t scale well enough to work with the influx of new users. So the company has removed it for now, planning to bring it back later this year."
It was supposed to be still able to be accessed with a work around - http://liliputing.com/2013/04/feedly-updates-its-rss-apps-but-removes-a-favorite-feature-for-now.html
"Update: It turns out you can still search your own feeds, just not from the search box in the sidebar. Using the Feedly browser plugin, type “gg” and then enter your search term and then choose the “in my feedly option."
But now that work around option seems to have been turned off as well.
I can understand the issues that Feedly is having with the increased uptake - but being able to search my own items was a key factor in my using Google Reader and why I went with Feedly. 
However there is another work around for searching your own feeds in Feedly
and if you have more than one word, between each one place this:
eg to search for Google Reader in my feeds ...
seems to be working so far -  sort of - as this search seems to return up to only 30 items from my feeds 
other issues emerging on Feedly's blog
Send by email button has been removed
"The previous implementation did not scale to meet the demand of all the new users who joined feedly over the last 2 weeks. We retired the button until we have a new implementation ready. Between now and then, you can use the email capabilities of the G+ button. Works really well."
"We have temporarily removed the direct gmail forwarding, and we’re currently working on making it better integrated. In the meantime, the work around is to use google+ email capabilities to share articles. On feedly for desktop, in thew article view click the g+1 icon (below the article name). Add email addresses in the bottom box and click send. This workaround using g+1 also works on feedly mobile."
It's a journey and must be a challenge - Feedly is claiming that they have picked up 3 million Google Reader refugees ... that's a lot to deal with in a really short time frame

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