Jun 26, 2011

Enterprise 2.0 Boston 2011 - Key Themes biz value of social - collaboration - tools #e2conf

I'd love to have attended Enterprise 2.0 in Boston in June 2011 - but had to be content with the #e2conf tweet streams, videos, slide decks at Slideshare & of course - the fantastic blogging by Mary Abraham, Bill Ives & Emanuele Quintarelli.
Having scanned their blog posts on this recent 2011 E2.0 Conference (and  create a post for my org's newly revamped KM COP on Sharepoint)  - the compelling question is :
What are the key themes to emerge out of this year's E 2.0 Conference ? For me - these resonated : 
  • this year it wasn't Culture vs Technology Tools like in the past (See - Notes on the 2010 E.0 Boston Conference & others on the search for the killer app (application for business.)
  • Collaboration inside & outside silo's & the firewalls & enabled by Technology seemed big
  • COP's aka Communities or Communities of Practice were very popular & technology to enable COP's to create  Business Value in solving real problems - see Community Maturity Model
  • Organizational Network Analysis as a tool wasn't mentioned as much as I expected but still important to CIO's eg Hidden Power of Social Networks
  • Nevertheless Expertise Location seems to have been important
  • Also Connectors in networks aka Mavens did get mentioned as helping to promote & foster community
  • RSS, Wiki's & Collaborative Bookmarks still in favour
  • Interesting that Cloud & SaaS mentioned - but appeared not to feature hugely in the articles by Abraham, Ives & Quintarelli on the conference presentations ?
  • Cloud seemed to get more coverage in the 2010 E 2.0 Boston conference
  • Sharepoint & IBM products featured although some critique of Sharepoint - can't do it effectively out of the box & often need other products to get the best out of it - Newsgator seemed to be the favoured product 
  • Templates were favoured for Sharepoint COP's - different templates for Communities of Interest & for Organizational Communities - just as our IT geek found when she was setting up our COP's at their new home on Sharepoint
  • Interesting comments from Jacob Morgan that not much to take back to use at the workplace from E2.0 2011 - even IBM's Luis Suarez "we want more HOW!
  • Anarchy is not recommended nor autocratic control of COP's
  • What will Mobile & Social Computing mean for the Enterprise ?
  • Lots of talk about Activity Streams to reduce information overload & integrate information from different sources - ie think LinkedIn news feeds etc
  • And what will Unified Communications across the Activity Streams ie integrating LinkedIn, Blogs, RSS, microblog streams ?
  • Many employees self-provision & use non-approved applications to get their work done - this can mean big risks
  • Implications of Big Data & its Analytics - huge scale of internet related data that doesn't fit in traditional database - may be unstructured & trying to fit this in with structured data
  • So is Big Data headed for Information Overload - then there's the Datasets ...
  • focus on Collaboration & ROI Analytics - Return on Investment Metrics matter
  • Business Value crucial - Knowledge Management in itself is not the primary aim but creating value for the business & knowledge sharing is what is done along the way

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