Oct 10, 2009

refollow - Twitter App

Came across a Tweet back in July about Twitter Apps which were the most underhyped -http://blog.mrtweet.net/hidden-gems-which-twitter-app-is-the-most-underhyped

Faved, RSS'd to GoogleReader & tagged it and then refound it during a cull of my GoogleReader 3 months later - I nearly deleted it thinking it was an automatic follow bot - but then I had a closer look ...

Found that I really liked this "refollow" Twitter App -http://refollow.com/ of the three covered in the post

You can filter according to different criteria - and it has a nice visual appearance of followers or those you're following - you set the filters

- and you can tag them eg expert, funny, quotes etc etc - so Barack Obama is considered Smart, Expert & Useful - I experimented with tagging @kcarruthers as Expert, Smart & Funny

- hovering the mouse over a Tweep's avatar pic brings up bio details/web page plus their last tweet

Can reply, RT or DM to their tweets - can't fav tweets but can click through to a Tweep's Twitter profile page & fav it there

I'm not sure how easy it would be to use this with 1000's of followers - although the site's filters would help

It really seems to be a Twitter App I've been looking for - even though I hadn't spec'd out my requirements

eg - catching up after being offline for a week or so - especially for those Tweeps not RSS'd into my GoogleReader.

There are so many hyped up Apps - however I could really get to like this Twitter App

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