Jul 27, 2009

RSS - Google Reader - Personal Knowledge Management - PKM

It took me a while to experiment with RSS feeds and Google Reader in particular. Now I wonder why I delayed. These tools have been crucial in my PKM (see Harold Jarche), Personal Knowledge Management program - without risking Information Overload - more on PKM

Mostly I taught myself - stumbling along over 6 to 12 months or so - gradually discovering its full richness. I tried I-Google. But I ended up back with the basic Google Reader, as its "less pretty" functionality suited me better - specifically the ability to tag (aka categorise or metadata) feeds.

There are a few how-to's around, including :

  • Google Reader Help Blog
  • Help Centre
  • Need to rename folders or tags ? Here's the work around.
  • Headshift UK on RSS
  • Help on Google Reader at YouTube
  • Send your feed vias "clips" into blogs & web pages, (even Sharepoint via a Content Editor Web Part) - and do Knowledge Sharing with your colleagues.

    Take the trip to work out which Google Reader "how-to" suits you.

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