Jun 14, 2009

Social Media Challenges Traditional Media

Seems to have been a lot of criticism of the traditional media coverage of the Iran Election fallout. This comes on the back of some traditional media outlets struggling in the Global Financial Crisis. There seems to be an anger at being letdown by some key US media outlets. However it seems that an opportunity to demonstrate ongoing relevance of traditional media as a key source of information has been lost, at least temporarily. Although the US White House WestWingReportnow indicates how the White House seems to be keeping a close eye on the situation.

In the meantime - many are turning to Twitter, with its linking to Blogs, as well as FaceBook and YouTube for their information. However in Australia, the story featured prominently on national ABC TV - leading the Sunday Night news coverage - complete with live footage on the streets of Tehran.

It is interesting to postulate whether social media reporting has drawn the world's Tweeters, FaceBook & YouTube user communities together - and thus they feel more personally violated by the happenings in Iran - an interesting aspect of Globalization. Time will tell.

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